How Soft Skills Can Help You Nail That Job Interview

As the unemployment rate in America has reached 3.8% (which is the lowest it has been in the past 30 years), the job market is more competitive than ever. According to Forbes, there are so many jobs being created in our economy right now that there are “more jobs than there are qualified candidates.” At a glance, this may sound like a great thing for any one searching for a new position. However, recent studies have shown that, “we are seeing an increasingly wide gap between the jobs being created and the skills in the workforce to fill those jobs.” Many employers believe more than 65% of recent college grads don’t exhibit the soft skills that would persuade a hiring manager to offer them a job. CEOs realize it is now harder than ever to “find and retain top talent,” according to the Conference Board CEO study. This skills gap is leading to many job candidates becoming very frustrated during their job searches.

An immediate solution to this frustration among job candidates is to place an emphasis on soft skills during the interview process. Job interviews can be intimidating for many, regardless of age or educational background. For those wondering, “How can you stand out from the other candidates?” Soft skills training is the key. Discuss the soft skills training certifications you’ve earned. If you currently don’t have any soft skills validation on your resume, now would be a great time to start. Studies conducted by the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation reveal 7 or 10 recent college grads regret not adding soft skills certifications to their resumes.

According to a study conducted by LinkedIn, oral communication is the number 1 soft skill that employers feel is missing in some of America’s’ largest cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Dallas. Therefore, the better you are at articulating your strengths during an interview, the better chance you’ll have at impressing the recruiter. In a survey by NetQuote, the strengths that hiring managers are looking for in addition to communication are, time management, problem solving, honesty and determination; all soft skills! It’s unlikely that your degree provides proof of these desirable skills; which is why boosting your resume with these certifications is a must..

Before your next interview, keep those specific skills in mind and mention the certifications you’ve earned (even if not asked by the potential employer). The better you are at exhibiting tangible anecdotes about how, when and where you’ve shown your competence in those skill sets, the easier it will be to nail a job interview, no matter what industry. Struggling to dig up proof of these skills?? Success Training Institute offers an array of soft skills training courses that will certify you in these areas and prove to employers that you deserve that position or promotion. Invest in your future and sign up for the affordable, online classes today!