The Best of Both Worlds:
Low Cost High Return


Murray Bible College is revolutionizing the way students pay for higher education. No more calculating the cost of each semester hour. At MBC, you pay an affordable, flat rate for tuition. This not only removes the guesswork; it also removes the burden of managing credit hours based on your budget. For manageable monthly investments of around $200, you can access one of the most valuable assets in society: A College Education.


Student loan debt is now in the trillions of dollars and graduates all over the US are struggling to repay loans they probably never should have taken out. With Murray Bible College, there are no student loans, financial aid, government grants, etc. Our degree programs are priced to help you make the most responsible decision regarding your financial future: NO DEBT.


At Murray Bible College, not only will you receive an education without the burden of student loan debt, you will also leave a personal legacy just by graduating with a degree of any kind. At MBC, when you earn your degree, you unlock the door for someone less fortunate to earn one as well via full or partial scholarships in your honor. Imagine changing someone life simply by improving your own. That’s the MBC Way!


MBC appreciates you referring your friends, family and co-workers to enroll in our life changing institution and wants to pay you for your efforts. Each time one of your referrals is accepted and enrolls in MBC, you receive a monetary gift from us as a token of our thanks. Refer enough people and you can even finance your own education with the commissions you earn!

Programs and Fees