Partner with us

Get Paid to Do What You Already Do

As a pastor or spiritual leader, you spend time teaching, preaching and writing about the matchless Word of GOD. It’s your passion and it’s your life. At Murray Bible College and Seminary, we want to find even more ways to reward you for your labor. Therefore, we have developed several viable ways you can partner with us.

Partner with us

Referral Source

Even if you already have your degree, you can refer others in your circle to MBC. This includes members of your congregation, business associates, friends and family. Each time one of your referrals enrolls, you receive a commission from us. In some cases, you’ll come in contact with people looking to gain career certifications and soft skills training. You are rewarded for referring them to Success Training Institute.

You can even build a team and each time the people you referred, refer others, you will earn money as well. These funds can be used however you like: to grow your church, finance ministry initiatives, build a savings account – it’s up to you.

Partner with us

General Content Contributor

In addition to joining our Affiliate Program, you can also apply to contribute content to MBC. We feature a Sermon of the Week, A Bible Study Lesson of the Week, A Blog Post Entitled: “The Pastor’s Perspective”and Much More.

If you submit content we decide to feature on our site, we’ll recognize you by featuring your name and church name you’re your published submission and we’ll pay you based on the number of views your content receives. This content is free for our students and site visitors and has the potential to be seen by students and leaders all over the world.

This is a great way to build your individual and or church brand and earn a little cash at the same time. To submit video, audio or written content please complete the form below.