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Managing user memberships

User Memberships can be viewed from WooCommerce > Memberships > Members. This list will include each membership on your site, so if a user has more than one membership, that user will be listed multiple times.

WooCommerce Memberships User Memberships
Member List

From this list, you can edit, pause, cancel, or delete memberships by hovering on the user’s name. You can also select multiple users to perform a bulk edit. The only bulk action available is to change the membership status for the selected individuals.

If you only want to view certain memberships, you can filter memberships by:

  1. Plan type (i.e., view only silver memberships)
  2. Memberships status (i.e., view only expired memberships)
  3. Expiration: view plans that expire today, this week, or this month

View or edit members

When you click on a member’s name or the “Edit” action, you’ll be taken to the member management screen. From here, you can edit all memberships that a user has using the tabs to switch between memberships.

WooCommerce memberships edit member
Edit / Manage member

Member Details will show you static information about the member: avatar, email, name, and billing address.

WooCommerce memberships member details

Recent Activity will show you recent activity for all memberships tied to this user — status changes, notes, etc. The last 5 notes will be show, and will display which membership the activity is related to.

WooCommerce Memberships recent activity

Membership Details will show plan details and allow you to edit them. Each membership is displayed in a tabbed layout so you can switch between a user’s memberships.

WooCommerce memberships membership details

You can view or change the plan type, status, membership start date, and membership end date. The billing section will show you details on how the membership was purchased.

Membership Notes show both automatically generated member notes (such as purchase details and status changes) and manually added notes for the membership being viewed.

WooCommerce Memberships membership notes

Manually assign user to a membership plan

You can manually assign a membership plan to a customer, subscriber or any user in a few steps by going to WooCommerce > Memberships > Members.

First, click the “Add Members” button next to the “Members” title:

WooCommerce Memberships manually add member 1

You can enter the name (or username) of the user for whom you’d like to add a membership. This will search for the user, and you can select the appropriate user from the list. Or, you can opt to create a new user for this membership:

WooCommerce Memberships add new member, step 1

Once you’ve selected the user or entered the details for the new user, click “Add Member”:

WooCommerce Memberships add new member, step 2

You can now edit the details of the membership, such as the plan and expiration date.

WooCommerce memberships edit member
Edit / Manage memberThen click the Save button to grant access.
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