How to Leverage Soft Skills

The great Greek mathematician, Archimedes once said, “Give me a lever and I can move the earth.” While that statement may or may not be true, no one can argue that leverage plays a major role in business.

Simply put, leverage is the art of using small object to move a much bigger object through proper positioning. Your soft skills training may not seem like a big deal now, but if leveraged properly, it can help you secure the position of your dreams. The better you leverage what you know, the more likely you are to excel in the business world.

Almost every employer is searching for candidates with superior soft skills (leadership, problem solving, communication, time management, interpersonal, sales, etc.). Most prospective employees are in a mad dash to acquire soft skills. They’re attending conferences; workshops and any other self-help initiatives that can help them achieve soft skills rapidly and inexpensively. Therefore, you must keep pace or run the risk of being left behind. Finding places to acquire soft skills in one thing – leveraging those skills you acquire is another story. Keep the following in mind:

  • Get Certified. Only engage in Soft Skills Training that offers you some type of certification. This provides additional leverage for you to use with prospective employers and gives you newly acquired skills added credibility.
  • Add Soft Skills to Your Resume – Whether you’re applying for a job with a new company, a promotion or acceptance to a university, you MUST promote your soft skills. It looks good on your resume and sounds even better when you explain it in an interview.
  • Show What You Know – The main purpose for acquiring soft skills is to become more effective in the business world. Therefore, show your prospective employer (through concise explanation) how what you’ve learned has prepared you for the challenges of the job at hand. Explain how your skills in leadership, customer service, problem solving and team building will help the company grow and positively impact others.

Remember, don’t just get the skills – leverage them! For more information on how you can acquire soft skills training visit the Success Training Institute at